Our financial planning process for physicians is similar to how we help our hospitals and clinics.  We specialize in working with high income and high net worth individuals, whether it be professional athletes or surgeons at the top of their games.  You have a God given ability that, with proper financial planning, can positively impact you and your family for generations to come.  Imagine being able to walk away from your clinic or hospital and never having to work a day in your life again!  You’ve got a shot at financial success, and every single decision you make from the beginning can impact your future, putting you in either a better or worse long-term situation.



You are going through or have been through a long process of medical school, residency, and a fellowship.  Our process is designed to completely offload this process to give you more time to focus on your practice, patients, and family.

Research & Analysis

First, we get to know you.  What are your passions?  What do you want to accomplish in and out of your medical world?  When we have a better idea of your vision and goals, we’ll know if we’re a good fit for you and you’re a good fit for us.

Strategize & Game Plan

After knowing what you’d like to accomplish, we will build out a comprehensive tailored plan to most efficiently address your current needs and future well-being.

Practice & Execution

We work on these strategies to get you off to a fast start or headed back in the right direction if you veered off course before we ever met.  You’ll start to gain confidence that the actions you take today will help you accomplish those future goals and your best version of financial well-being for you and your family.

Review & Re-evaluate

We do annual planning reviews, at a time of year that is most convenient for you, to update and readdress your ongoing needs.  Life will undoubtedly change over time.  Athletes Advantage Financial wants to help you as life throws you those unexpected events.  We’ll have the ability to pivot and make changes as needed with market conditions and potential career changes.  Flexibility is key to our planning and impactful when implemented at times of life’s uncertainties.



Below are just a few of the concepts we consider when creating a financial plan:

Investment Strategies

It can be difficult to figure out where to park your money to help create generational wealth.  Athletes Advantage Financial helps you take a step back to look at the overall picture so that your money is working efficiently for you.  We handle the day to day monitoring and studying of markets to make sure your investments are in alignment with your personal risk tolerance and growth goals that way you can do the day to day tasks that help you earn money in the clinic and hospital.  You work hard to accomplish your dreams, we’ll do our best to make sure your money is working for you.

Tax Management

A large part of our planning is helping you understand how your money is taxed.  As you’re undoubtedly aware, you pay a substantial amount of taxes before you ever receive your money.  But, did you know where you park those funds may also be taxed?  Our focus is on tax strategic placement of assets so that you’re being tax-efficient now, as well as tax-efficient in 40 years from now.  We work hand in hand with your tax advisor to maximize tax-efficient savings opportunities while minimizing taxation long-term.

Cash Management

By now, you’re probably aware that you’ll want to keep cash on hand.  Is that cash growing for you or earning low or zero interest?  Who is helping you with your month to month budget?  You may want to help a friend or family member from time to time.  How are you doing that?  Are you taking time away from the playbook or practice to send them funding?  Athletes Advantage Financial, with our cashiering team at Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC, can handle a full range of your cash management needs as requested; processing wires request, establishing Platinum debit cards with reward points, making sure your agents and trainers are paid with your approval, bill pay systems, etc.

Risk Management

Backed by the largest provider of disability insurance in the industry, we can deliver on products that you may need in your planning, including the highly sought after patented Medical Own Occupation Definition.  You are working hard to provide for yourself and your loved ones.  It’s important to protect that legacy for multi-generational wealth.  We’ll advise you against highly speculative investments, scams, and other issues that may come your way.  We’ll help you protect your income and protect your family utilizing insurance planning where appropriate to protect assets.

Estate Planning

We’ll work with your legal team to put the proper funding in place for your estate planning needs.  You’ve worked hard to build a sizeable net worth.  Unfortunately, that can quickly dissipate with subpar estate planning.  We work with your legal team to determine proper Will and Trust planning to protect your family and assets.


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