Athletic Institutions

You have one of the most highly critiqued institutions in the business community.  There are often many questions flying around:  “what’s best for the athletes” and “what’s best for the institution”.  At times it can be hard to keep up with the changing benefits market trends while also staying on top of day to day activities within your organization.

Our experience has been that you struggle to satisfy everything and everyone all of the time.  We believe you deserve an extremely experienced team with knowledge across various markets.  Many athletic institutions use our expertise to help facilitate benefits outlined below.  We look forward to discussing these potential benefits in a light that may best compliment your institution’s strategic goals directly.

We have a plethora of experience working directly with many of the top universities, collegiate and professional athletic teams, league front offices, and athletic directors nationwide.  Discretion is of the utmost importance in your roles.  Please know that we take that very seriously.  For that reason, we do not share names of the organizations we’ve worked with but are often referred by many of your fellow institutions.


What is your process?  How do we get started?

Similar to our process with many individual executives, owners, athletes, and physicians, we start by simply having a discussion.  We ask you questions regarding your situation, then we go to work for you. 

Research & Analysis

Before we can analyze your goals, we need to get to know your situation.  We take time to talk through your opportunities and weaknesses in your previous planning.  How did we get here?  Where are you wanting to go?  We spend time getting to know what you’re trying to accomplish.  Like any good discovery process, we need to get to know your business institutional goals better, whether that be tax savings, efficient insurance planning, recruiting, retention, or executive benefit planning, etc.

Strategize & Game Plan

After getting to know your institution’s goals and challenges, we’ll get together with our team to put together a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to solve your goals efficiently.


We will then work with you to implement specific strategies if appropriate.  At that time, you’ll be confident that the actions you’ve taken today, put you in an educated position to make decisions going forward to further your successes you’ll have tomorrow.  If appropriate, we may have the best products in the industry to solve your particular needs that we have helped you identify.

Review & Re-evaluate

Our relationships are not typically a one-time engagement.  More often than not, we are retained to continue to update and evaluate your ongoing needs and continue helping to solve those needs as your organization continues to progress.  We monitor and update those plans as frequently as you’d like, ensuring it evolves with your institution and the changing markets you are in.


What type of planning can you do for our institution?

Below are just a few ways in which we are hired by athletic institutions:

Split Dollar Executive Compensation Planning

Executive compensation considerations in the wake of sections 162(m) and 4960 of the IRS tax code have become a hot topic since January 1st, 2018.  We are regularly working with universities and institutions to put executive split dollar compensation plans in place to mitigate taxation.  Our team is one of the most advanced split dollar compensation planning teams in the entire country.  We, along with our concierge planning team, work hand in hand with universities and other institutions to educate and execute split dollar compensation plans tailored to their compensation plans for the coaches, athletic directors, and administrators.

Elite Athlete / Team Insurance Planning

With substantial compensation, or potential compensation, on the line, it’s important to protect that income in the form of disability insurance planning.  We have become one of the leading providers of elite athlete and coaching disability insurance planning across the United States, having worked with top overall athletes across all of the major sports as well as multiple National Championship teams.  Every year, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of your insurance policies to help ensure your athletes, coaches, and employment compensation contracts are protected.

Investment Strategies

At times it can be difficult to keep up with the various investment strategies and compensation packages for your coaches, athletic directors, or team owners.  Athletes Advantage Financial takes a comprehensive look at your overall picture and helps you with your due diligence with a no fee no obligation approach.  We consistently study market trends, taxation changes, economic factors, and potential portfolio performance factors to fit your administrators and coaches needs whether it be 401(k), 403(b), deferred compensation, or nonqualified planning.

Athlete’s Advantage Financial

Justin B. Boeving Sr.
Wealth Management Advisor

Athlete's Advantage Financial


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